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Great even though some currencies always carry wrong rates vs Euros (Php for eg.).



My currency

Excellent application with up to date information


Aplicativo bem útil


Muito bom!!


Bom d mais

I strongly recommend

Very useful App, even if 3G or Wi-fi are disabled. Recently I were in South África and Mozambique, and I could make conversions from and to rand, meticals, US dollars and brasilian reais. Even when the rates arent updated, the App is useful, giving us idea of the prices. I strongly recommend this App.


Great app, very intuitive and accurate, and the fastest response I ever got from a support email. Amazing! Thank you!


Auch die chart history ist klasse

Quite useful

Very useful app for everybody who always needs to be up-to-date.




Great app that does the job with a clean and fast interface.

Fantastic app!!!

Best and easiest to use converter I have found...and I have found quite a few! THANKS.

good supplement to Oanda

This app shows multiple currencies at once, although not obvious how to change top (comparative base) one. Seems to have done so based on location. And despite not being a holiday Au and Ag rates blank. Must read to figure out how to use it further.


This app is very easy and intuitive to use. Easy to select currencies of interest for quick viewing. I like the graph where two currencies can be plotted against each other. The spelling of decimal should be corrected in the settings though.

Nice looking app

Interface is very nice and clean. Easy to navigate; however, there are a couple bugs: 1) misspelling (decimal) in the setup and 2) iPhone currency graph does not remember the preference comparison (default to the 1st 2 currencies in the lists)

Nicely Done!

Great App. Simple & Easy to use!


Overall the app is good. But the tab that shows the latest update overlaps the currencies and it makes it look unprofessional.


Semplice ed efficace

Very Impractical and Very Disappointing!!

In general, the format for this application is very good in that you can select a multitude of currencies to convert. The font size on the calculator to enter the numerals is an excellent; however, the font size for the entries and the results is so tiny that it is excruciatingly difficult to read. When you are traveling you want an application that is simple and that you can use on the go. Unless this application is updated to enlarge the fonts, so it is easier to read, it isnt worth it!

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